Presenting our Schedule for Summer 2011

All listed summer camps are for campers ages 4-14, unless otherwise noted. Camps marked “Teen” are also available for campers ages 11-17.  See prices and registration details below.

June 13-17 Way of the Cougar*


For all ages

The cougar is a master of the arts of invisibility and camouflage. Moving silently through the shadows like a ghost in the forest, it blends into its surroundings perfectly. In this camp, following in the footsteps of the cougar, we will learn how to blend and flow with the landscape so that we can move silently in the forest. In the traditions of many native scouts around the world, we will learn the skills of stalking and the art of invisibility.

These skills can allow us to get closer to the elusive animals of the forest so we can observe their behaviors more closely. In this camp, we will immerse ourselves in the joy of secret missions in the forest, we will cultivate the graciousness that comes from taking good care of the people around us, and we will experience the nobility of the animals that walk quietly among us.

June 20-24 Ancient Ways*


For all ages

Join a week-long journey of imagination, discovery and living history. Help create a village in the forest inspired by the Paleo Indians. Experience the ancient songs, stories, games and crafts of our ancestors. Through hands-on study and creative play, we will recreate the lifestyles of the stone age. Build shelters, make stone tools, pigments and foods. This camp is an immersion into an ancient way of life that centered upon connecting to the natural world, building strong communities, and celebrating the magnitude of the human spirit. Come celebrate, explore and understand the shared experience of our ancestors across the world.

June 27-July 1 Swamp Crawler


For all ages

Join us on our summer’s biggest swamp safari. It will be a week of getting wet, muddy, and having fun as we explore the ecology of wetlands. We will hike to a nearby waterfowl preserve where we will learn all about wetland life and water quality. Bring your hiking boots and swim suits because this camp will include day-long swamp adventures. Be ready to get up close and personal with the animals and plants that call the wetland their home.

July 4-8 Survival in the Natural World

This camp is CLOSED for older campers. There is still room for campers ages 4-5!  The Teen Camp also has space.

For all ages. Teen Camp Click Here!

Through a week long woods experience, we will practice some of the most basic ancient skills that our ancestors once used to survive (and actually thrive) in the woodlands. We will explore the arts of survival including building shelter, finding water, making fire, and more. The skills that we will share can help you develop a greater comfort in the forest and stronger sense of connection to the animals living in the wild that have to survive by using their wits and instincts every day.

This camp also includes an optional overnight on Thursday for an additional cost

July 11-15 Deep Forest Camp*

For 8-14 year olds only. See next listing for concurrent camp available for 4-7 year olds.

Deep Forest camp is full for younger campers (8-14), but the Deep Forest teen camp is still open!

Deep Forest camp focuses on the joy and sense of adventure that springs from spending time in the wilderness. It features age-old skills and experiences which help us feel at home in the woods. This camp provides a step-by-step process to learning skills such as fire making, hunting, plant medicine, and animal tracking. It allows campers to choose their own challenges and provides opportunities for them to mentor each other. Deep in the forest, we create a culture of active learning that helps each person hone their natural abilities with the support and context of a nature mentoring community.

July 11-15 Wild Worlds Camp*

For 4-7 year olds only. See previous listing for concurrent camp available for older campers.

This is a camp of gentle exploration and discovery with a focus on reptiles, amphibians, insects, slugs, crawfish, spiders and other small, amazing facets of life that are hiding in the wilds around us. Become wise to the ways of these extraordinarily creatures. Find them in the wild and discover what they do each day, and what role they play in the wonderful world of nature.

July 18-22 Artemis Camp*

Teen Camp for 11-17 year old girls. For more info Click Here!

In a circle in the heart of the forest, join with other young women to create a circle of sharing, creativity and support. Practice wilderness ways, leadership skills and earth arts. Discover your natural strengths and abilities. Build connections with other girls as you face challenges together. Share your stories and gain skills of the wilderness. Artemis camp is a unique rite of passage experience inspired by traditions around the world.

July 18-22           Nature Explorers Camp

For All ages

Prepare yourself for encounters with insects, amphibians, birds, trees, wildflowers, mammals, and more! Put on your hiking boots, and bring your sense of adventure to Leigh Farm Park. We will be exploring the forest, fields, and wetlands, looking for tracks and traces of wildlife. Our week will be complete with outdoor adventures, games and hands-on activities where we will explore some of the secrets of nature. We will also teach basic awareness skills and practices that can help you become an incredible naturalist.

July 25-29 Foxwalker Camp

For all ages

Come join us for a tracking adventure as we learn to read the signs that animals leave behind. Working together, we’ll find clues about the lives of the animals around us and we’ll begin to unravel the stories that these animals leave on the landscape through their tracks and other signs. We’ll also be learning about the soils and weather patterns of our area to help us interpret what we find. This camp will focus closely on mammal life and behaviors. Join our camp, become a detective and help us solve the mysteries of the forest.

August 1-5 Plant Quest Camp

For all ages. Teen Camp –Click Here!

Explore the magic, mystery, folklore, and science of plants. Learn how to find food in the wild. On our wilderness quests through the forests, fields and swamplands, we will venture on and off trail to explore the wild heart of the Piedmont. We will unlock the secrets hidden in wild plants that grow all around us. We will use these plants to make our own foods, simple medicines and crafts such as baskets and rope. We will also study the secrets of navigation during the course of our plant forays so that we always know how to find our way.

August 8-12 Web of Life Camp

For all ages

See how animals and plants work together to create a living web. Explore the different habitats of our area, get involved in hands on projects to help take care of the land and the wild animals around us. Understand the secrets of how the forest works. Together we will unveil some of the incredible secrets of the natural world.

August 15-19 Farm and Forest Camp

For all ages

For all agesExplore the world of wildlife on an old historic farm. This camp is a weeklong adventure in living history and the natural world. Experience life on a working farm from the 1800’s. In the mornings, we will go on a wildlife adventure, learning from the plants and the animals that live in the wild. In the afternoons, we will go back in time and experience the way people have interacted with the land through the history at Leigh Farm Park. This will be a unique experience featuring old games, chores such as gardening, churning butter, explorations in the forest, rollicking adventures on the farm and more.

August 22-26 Owl Eyes Camp

For all ages

Owl Eyes camp is a learning adventure where we discover the wonders of the birds. We will watch their behaviors and learn how to understand the secret language that they speak. We will learn about the art and science of Ornithology and discover what the birds can teach us about what is happening in our own backyards. We will also practice awareness techniques to sharpen our senses for exploration and discovery. We’ll use all of our senses to explore our connection with the landscape in and around us.

*New Camps: Way of the Cougar, Ancient Ways, Deep Forest, Wild Worlds, and Artemis.

We are very excited about these new camps and about continuing to add variety to our camp programs. Help us make them an ongoing success!

Registration Information

~Early Bird Discount!~ Register before May 15th and receive $10 off per child, per session.

Regular Camp Times: 9:00am-3:00pm
Extended Day Care: 8:00am-5:30pm*
Regular Camp Cost: $200 for PWC members, $225 for non-members.  Some scholarship options available
Extended Day Care Cost: $20-70 for full-week, $5-20/day for 1-day (see registration form for fees)

*Extended Day pick-up times are 4pm or 5:30pm. Because our Extended Day program activities may take place at various sites throughout the camp, campers will not be available for pick-up between these scheduled times. Please plan accordingly.

To register, download a registration form here and mail it with the full registration fee to:

Piedmont Wildlife Center
364 Leigh Farm Road
Durham NC 27707

Counselor-In-Training: We offer Counselor-In-Training opportunities for kids aged 13 to 16 during this camp as well! Complete information can be downloaded here, then simply fill out the registration form as normal, but put “CIT” in the session blanks for the desired weeks, and mail to us at the address above.

Questions? Call our office at (919) 489-0900.

Piedmont Wildlife Center is Located at Leigh Farm Park, near the intersection of 54 and 40. Click here for directions.

For 4-7 year olds only!