Winter Intersession and Track Out Camps for 2010-2011

Piedmont Wildlife Center’s winter intersession and track-out camps serving Durham, Orange and Wake counties are outdoor adventures that are designed to stimulate curiosity and awaken enthusiasm for the natural world. Join us as we explore and deepen our connection to nature and to one another by exploring and discovering the world around us. If you know of 5 children available during a different week, contact us andwe’ll design a camp just for them! Listed Camps are for campers ages 5-14.

December 20 – 24 Windigo Camp

Delve into the pure joy of simply being in the wild and playing together! Having fun outdoors brings us closer together, and it connects us all to the joys of the natural world. Both young animals and young people learn best through playing. In honor of the young at heart among all species, we dedicate this camp to the spirit of playfulness and to the simple, natural experiences that make us feel most alive. In this week, we will bring together all of our favorite games, songs, stories, and adventures to share and to celebrate together.

December 27 – 31 Survival in the Natural World

Through a week long woods experience, we will practice some of the most basic ancient skills that our ancestors once used to survive (and actually thrive) in the woodlands. We will explore the arts of survival including building shelter, finding water, making fire, and more. The skills that we will share can help you develop a greater comfort in the forest and stronger sense of connection to the animals living in the wild that have to survive by using their wits and instincts every day.

January 3 – 7 Foxwalker Camp

Come join us for a tracking adventure as we learn to read the signs that animals leave behind. Working together, we’ll find clues about the lives of the animals around us and we’ll begin to unravel the stories that these animals leave on the landscape through their tracks and other signs. We’ll also be learning about the soils and weather patterns of our area to help us interpret what we find. This camp will focus closely on mammal life and behaviors. Join our camp, become a detective and help us solve the mysteries of the forest.

Registration Information

Regular Camp Times: 9:00am -3:00pm
Extended Day Care is available: 8:00am-5:30pm
Cost: $200 for PWC members, $225 for non-members

Extended Day Care: $20-65 for full-week
$5-15/day for 1-day
(see registration form for fees)

To register, download a registration form here and mail it with the full registration fee to:

Piedmont Wildlife Center
364 Leigh Farm Road
Durham NC 27707

Counselor-In-Training: We offer Counselor-In-Training opportunities for kids aged 13 to 16 during this camp as well! Complete information can be downloaded here, then simply fill out the registration form as normal, but put “CIT” in the session blanks for the desired weeks, and mail to us at the address above.

Questions? Call our office at (919) 489-0900

Piedmont Wildlife Center is Located at Leigh Farm Park, near the intersection of 54 and 40. Click here for directions.